Monday, June 27, 2016

Three Choices of Facebook Ad Placements

Facebook gives you the choice of where you can place your ad. You are not limited to one placement. Here are your three choices.

  1. You can place your ad run in the New Feed. This is the main feed where you see viral posts and the posts of your closest friends, as well as content from places you have liked.
  2. You can select your ad to run in the Mobile Feed. Your ad will be shown to users on mobile devices.
  3. Or you can run your ad in the right side bar located on the right side of the News Feed. This gives you more of a constant presence while users are scrolling through the news feed.

With all three types of ads, Facebook will allow you to preview how they will look. Therefore, you should consider where you want to place your ads by the size of the images you are using or whether or not you are using video in your ad, and how much budget you have set, as well as who you have selected to target. Below is an example of what a preview of a Mobile Ad looks like. 

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